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Index to Selected Publications of the CenTex Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)

Prepared by Reuben Leslie, Webmaster 1999-2002 and Newsletter Editor 2002-2003

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I have had the privilege of serving as Newsletter Editor for the CenTex Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration since February 2002. I served as Webmaster for three full-year terms before that. From 1995 through 2001, I served as Vice President, President, Immediate Past President and Past President. It has been a great honor to work with fellow practitioners, students and teachers of public administration. The array of new opportunities for learning and networking that we have created together has been remarkable and rewarding. While an online archive of publications in no way replaces the wonderful memories the actual participants have, such an archive can help the organization retain knowledge of what has been accomplished and deepen members' appreciation for the organization, the inspiring mission, and fellow members' contributions. It can even inspire others to join in the fun of volunteer service to ASPA and its mission of excellence in public service. So here's a handy way to find out what ASPA has been up to for the past several years.


CENTEX PA NEWS is the bi-monthly newsletter which the CenTex Chapter has published since 1994. The World Wide Web version of these print publications most resembles the printed version when the browser text size is set at "smallest". Navigation aids are few, but the table of contents for each issue is in hypertext on each issue's front page, and the "back" button on your browser is usually sufficient.
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e-Blast! is the occasional CenTex Chapter email bulletin for members. The bulletins started as alerts to the Chapter Council whose email addresses were available. They have promoted chapter meetings, awards, volunteer projects, website, and print newsletter. The bulletin started with no name, then became "Website Update", then "Web Blast", then "e-News", and finally, since February 2002, "e-Blast!"
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Other Publications

These include an article about The Three Pillars of Public Management which includes the good advice that author, Paul Crookall, gave CenTex ASPA members at a special program in 1998, and which bears reflecting on as advice for any organization, including CenTex ASPA!
Mr. Crookall cited these three pillars: aim or mission of the organization; the character of the people and the institution; and execution. His recommendations to public managers:
  1. Establish a clear aim and support it with leadership and accountability systems that measure and feed back on achievements and staff and public attitudes.
  2. Build your organizations' character: treat staff as the most important asset, communicate widely and well, clarify and negotiate expectations, build trust, and commit to continuous learning and improvement.
  3. Implement well. Pay attention to management tools, build teamwork both within and without the organization, and become good change management practitioners.
  4. Think about those three factors, ask questions, use an almost Socratic approach to seeking truth....The unexamined agency is not making its best contribution.

Posted 13 January 2003
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